About us

Engaging Children, Adults and Families to Reach Their Full Potential

At SPOTS, we believe all humans have the potential to build on their strengths.  We are committed to empowering all people to build their independence to flourish within their environments through meaningful activity that will allow them to feel a sense of belonging.

We believe that every person is unique, and we strive to ensure that all people have the freedom of choice to pursue their goals in a way that corresponds with their culture and values through fair and equitable measures in a manner that is caring, responsive and empathic. We continuously adopt best practice to ensure the highest quality of support to all people of all communities and all cultural backgrounds.

Patients and parents/carers frequently tell us about how lucky they are to have benefitted from our top-notch care. Learn more about the services that Silver Porcupine offers

Five children stand in a circle, arms around eachothers shoulders, looking down at the camera and smiling

Our Values

Respect, Choice, Diversity, Inclusion, Commitment, Collaboration and Empowerment
  • Respect for each individual and allow them the freedom to make their own choices that are aligned with their objectives, personal values, cultural views and lived experiences
  • We provide a holistic approach to ensure each person has the ability to interact with their environment in a way that promotes inclusivity and a sense of self-worth
  • We recognise the importance of family and we adopt collaborative methods to ensure a family-centred approach is delivered throughout the therapeutic process
  • Provision of a quality service that is reflective, ethical and a commitment to continuous improvement of professional competence through evidence-based practice
  • We advocate and promote empowerment to facilitate opportunities that will build on individual attributes and self-actualisation
  • We encourage diversity and advocate for disadvantaged and cross-cultural groups and communities